On September 1-3 2012, OTM TEC #21 will be held at:

Camp Carson Springs

1120 Carson Springs Road

Newport, TN 37812

If interested in being a first time participant, please contact Jacob Ottinger (below). The forms you will need are to the right and labeled “Medical Form” and “TECite application” and those need to be mailed to the address printed on them. Hope to see you there!

Any questions?

Youth Lay Director: Jacob Ottinger


Adult Lay Director: Betsy Moore


What is TEC?

TEC means “Teens Encounter Christ.” It is a name used for a movement of personal Christian Renewal within the church. The instrument of renewal originated in Missouri under the name of “Show Me” TEC. It began in Tennessee on May 24, 2002. The folks from North Carolina who have been doing TEC since March, 1990 brought TEC to Tennessee (with the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit). … (continue reading)